Leitz Leather Goods

Sherry and Eric Leitz have created a fabulous collection of leather luxury goods—from handbags and belts to wine totes and jewelry—that are handcrafted with bridal leather, dyed and stained, and saddle-stitched by Eric. Custom orders can be taken by selecting an interior color, an exterior color, the style of the rivets, and more. Handbags come in 3 main sizes: weekender, mini-tote, and the work bag, but any size can be custom-made and ordered in a wide range of colors. Did we mention that they also make iPad and iPhone cases?
If you try to support local artisans and businesses, and you care that the products you purchase are handcrafted in America; if you value attention to detail and craftsmanship, originality and functionality, look no further than Leitz Leather Goods. See our article HERE.

To place an order or to contact Sherry for a private appointment in their workshop:
Instagram: @LeitzLeather