Thin Lines: A Vineyard Journey
with Author John Pryor Fulkerson

After an inspiring vacation in France’s Rhone Valley, a surgeon decides to grow grapes in the harsh northwest Connecticut hills and create fine wines from them. In Thin Lines: A Vineyard Journey, John Pryor Fulkerson details his experience of gathering friends and family to help with the harvest, the crush, the fermentation, and the final preparation of fine wine.

Throughout this journey, he acquires much more than wine – he also engages more closely with friends and family while cultivating a profound bond with nature. Fulkerson’s love of viticulture and wine making is evident as he chronicles his challenges and victories in eloquent detail. Sprinkled throughout the narrative are original poems that enrich the story and bring the reader deeper into the experience.

Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or are cultivating an interest in viticulture, you’ll find much to love in this story of one man’s journey through the grape-growing and winemaking process.

John Pryor Fulkerson’s love of words began when he was a young boy in New York. He grew up listening to his grandmother recite the works of Kipling and Wordsworth. In college, he exchanged long, entertaining letters with his father, a physician, and also began writing and studying poetry while pursuing pre-medical courses.

Inspired by his father and other physicians in his family, John went to Yale Medical School and became an orthopedic surgeon. Today he continues to write poetry and counts Rumi, Billy Collins, Rudyard Kipling, Rainer Rilke, Lao Tzu, and William Wordsworth among others as writers that influenced him. Lynn Fulkerson, shown here with John, provided the cover art for the book. A wine & cheese reception will follow. The Hickory Stick Bookshop will provide books for sale & signing.

Tuesday, October 24, 7 – 8 pm

Registration is required

The Oliver Wolcott Library
160 South Street