Open Your Eyes Studio
Tour Retrospective

Noble Horizons opens a retrospective exhibit of works by artists who have participated in The Northwest Connecticut Arts  Council’s Open Your Eyes Studio Tour. The exhibit, organized in collaboration with the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council, showcases the diverse talents of artists in our region and highlight artists from the first eight years of the Council’s Open Your Eyes Studio Tour.
Over the last eight summers, 150 artists representing the Council’s 25-town service area have participated in the Open Your Eyes Tour (OYE) which attracts hundreds of people throughout the region. OYE artists share their creative spaces and processes with the public who gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the artwork and the creative process. The 2018 OYE Studio Tour is on June 30 and July 1 in Goshen, Warren, and Cornwall, CT. The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council promotes the arts and cultural resources of Northwestern Connecticut. The exhibit at Noble Horizons is open weekends, 11 am-4 pm through May 6.

Friday, April 13, 5 – 7 pm


Noble Horizons
17 Cobble Road