The Art of the Model

This show is an exhibition of maquettes or models by many of the sculptors currently exhibiting in the WAA Sculpture Walk 2018.

Curated by WAA Trustees Mark Mennin and Barbara Talbot, WAA Sculpture Walk 2018 is a public art exhibition featuring 40 internationally and nationally recognized artists and emergent sculptors, with over 60 works sited throughout Washington Depot, currently on view through November 1, 2018. Open daily to the public 9 am to dusk.

A maquette is a model for a larger piece of sculpture, created to visualize how it might look and to work out approaches and materials for how it might be made. Maquettes are often fascinating works in their own right, conveying the immediacy of the artist’s first realization of an idea.

A maquette is French for “Scale Model” or in Italian, bozzetti and refers to a small mock-up of fully realized three-dimensional sculpture or architecture. Maquettes may be made from paper, clay, wax or any other material. Bernini used wax and baked terra cotta to create his maquettes.

This exhibition does not necessarily represent a miniature replica of the fully realized sculptures in the WAA Sculpture Walk 2018, but in turn, conveys how creativity germinates and structural challenges may be resolved. Often, the artist will use many different styles and types of “studies” which evolve into something quite different from the original “sketch.”

The Washington Art Association & Gallery is pleased to present these “ideas” as a means of discovering an artist’s creative process. Maquettes by the following sculptors in the WAA Sculpture Walk 2018 will be on display, as well as a few additional special guests.

Mary Adams
Joy Brown
Arthur Carter
Ralph Derby
Tom Doyle
Sam Funk
Joe Gitterman
Harry Gordon
Philip Grausman
Timothy Hochstetter
Fitzhugh Karol
Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh
Peter Kirkiles
Elizabeth MacDonald
Ann Mallory
Mark Mennin
Dan Murray
Hugh O’Donnell
Michael Patterson
Jake Paron
Jon Piasecki
Don Porcaro
Stephen Shaheen
Ned Smyth
William (Bill) Talbot
Robert Taplin
Lee Tribe
William Hyde Talbot
Toni Ross
Wendy Gordon

Opening Reception: August 11, 4 – 6 pm


Washington Art Association & Gallery
4 Bryan Memorial Plaza
Washington Depot