Jack Kelly
The Edge of Anarchy

The Edge of Anarchy: The Railroad Barons, the Gilded Age, and the Greatest Labor Uprising in America tells the dramatic story of the explosive 1894 clash of industry, labor, and government that shook the nation and marked a turning point for America. Many of the themes could be taken from today’s headlines―upheaval in America’s industrial heartland, wage stagnation, breakneck technological change, and festering conflict over race, immigration, and inequality. The Edge of Anarchy offers a vivid account of the greatest uprising of working people in American history.

“Pay attention, because The Edge of Anarchy not only captures the flickering Kinetoscopic spirit of one of the great Labor-Capital showdowns in American history, it helps focus today’s great debates over the power of economic concentration and the rights and futures of American workers.”
―Brian Alexander, author of Glass House

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