Bestselling Author Tom Ryan
Speaker at NCCC 

“Life can be so many heavenly things, but it can also be violent and savage and thoughtless. So how do we fix it? How do we mend the broken and make someone or something whole again? I’m no expert—I still reach out in the darkness for that hand just out of sight—but I’ve grown to believe it has to start with us. We fix ourselves, and when we are ready, we try to help others.”—Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan will speak at Northwestern Connecticut Community College on Wednesday, October 25th at 6:30pm in the Founders Hall Auditorium. The event is sponsored by the Cultural Planning Committee and funded by the NCCC Foundation.

Delighting readers and animal lovers alike with his New York Times bestseller Following Atticus, Tom Ryan is back with another beautiful book about “the importance of letting go and leaping forward, of the depth of despair, the height of love, and the bonds of friendship.” A gorgeously written memoir, Will’s Red Coat is heartfelt and inspirational as Tom chronicles his adoption of Will, an elderly, sickly dog he brings home to have peace in his last days.

At age 15, a deaf and cataract-laden senior dog named Will was languishing in a shelter, bound to be euthanized…until fate stepped in by way of an online post. Upon seeing the post on the Following Atticus Facebook community page (246K+ members), animal activist and author Tom Ryan decided, mostly on a whim, to adopt Will and bring him to his home in the rustic and rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire.

At first, Tom expected to be giving Will a dignified place to die, but when he witnesses first hand Will’s heartache and fear—after several biting and violent episodes—Tom realized that what Will truly needed was to learn to trust and love again. With endless patience and empathy, the once angry and depressed Will transformed into a happy, playful soul with a puppy-like zest for discovery. Surprising everyone, Will lived for two and a half years and inspired hundreds of thousands of Tom and Atticus’s fans with his courage, resilience, and remarkable heart.

This true story is a poignant journey that exemplifies and illustrates acceptance, perseverance, and the possibility of love and redemption for creatures of all kinds. Uplifting and unforgettable, Will’s Red Coat is a beautiful reminder that it’s never too late to make a change.

Wednesday, October 25, 6:30 pm


Founders Hall Auditorium
Park Place East
Northwestern Connecticut Community College