Barbra Kraut & Joan Morosani
At the Loft Gallery at The Smithy

The Loft Gallery will host Litchfield artists, Barbra Kraut and Joan Morosani, highlighting paintings of the human form, and works in abstract and modern expressionism as well.

Barbra Kraut’s introspective pieces invite the mind to wander, and, she states, “allow the viewer to complete one’s own meaning, especially if we keep our minds open, and consider that looking is not seeing”.

Joan Morosani’s richly colored, stylized works of expressionism are created using oil on prepared paper. She feels the paper responds differently to paint, and where traditional canvas gives back, paper encourages a faster, more spontaneous approach, achieving a fresh, less formal feel to her work.


The Smithy and Loft Gallery
10 Main Street
New Preston