Anita Garnett
Secrets Objects Share

Anita Garnett’s mission as a photographer is to capture the beauty, sensitivity and humanity of her subjects. The images are unfettered by background and by isolating them, their form and their singularity can be further observed.

The Lakeville Journal writes, “And the images certainly deserve a closer look…the flowers are particularly stunning. In black and white, they force the viewer to look beyond beautiful colors and into the depth of the petals and the sinew of the stem…the ones in color require just as much attention because of the stark nature in which they are photographed.”

Photo essays involving people intrigue her and a portion of her exhibit will include photographic portraits of elders who share, in one sentence, what they have learned after all these years. Anita hopes all who view the exhibit will add their thoughts on what they’ve learned.

Anita participates in solo and group exhibitions in galleries. Among her numerous awards are Grand Prize International Winner of the Faces of Elders Contest for Apogee Photo Magazine and Kodak International Newspaper Awards Contest Finalist.

Today she is a freelance photographer for the Register Citizen newspaper where she captures people enjoying parades, fairs and fun events throughout Litchfield County.


Jamie Gagarin Community Room and Gallery
Oliver Wolcott Library
160 South Street, P.O. Box 187,