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April 1 - 7, 2018
Barbra Kraut & Joan Morosani
At the Loft Gallery at The Smithy

The Loft Gallery will host Litchfield artists, Barbra Kraut and Joan Morosani, highlighting paintings of the human form, and works in abstract and modern expressionism as well.

Barbra Kraut’s introspective pieces invite the mind to wander, and, she states, “allow the viewer to complete one’s own meaning, especially if we keep our minds open, and consider that looking is not seeing”.

Joan Morosani’s richly colored, stylized works of expressionism are created using oil on prepared paper. She feels the paper responds differently to paint, and where traditional canvas gives back, paper encourages a faster, more spontaneous approach, achieving a fresh, less formal feel to her work.


The Smithy and Loft Gallery
10 Main Street
New Preston


April 1 - 7, 2018
Wink Series Exhibit
Paintings by April Crumrine

Wink Series, an exhibit and sale of April Crumrine’s paintings will open at The Minor Memorial Library in Roxbury.

April Crumrine’s brilliantly colored “Wink” paintings with their great swaths of color bring to mind the work of abstract expressionist Marc Rothko, well-known for his use of large blocks of color.
Paintings in the Wink Series reflect the artist’s use of the stars to communicate with her four children while they traveled around the world. When the constellation Orion appeared, she would wink at it, knowing that her children would wink at it when the constellation appeared in the sky over them. The horizontal line in a painting divides the canvas into the hemispheres.
Ms. Crumrine has exhibited her work in numerous shows in New England and the UK, most recently at Brick Lane Gallery in London. Her art is included in many private collections. The show runs through Saturday, April 7.


Minor Memorial Library
23 South Street


April 1 - 16, 2018
Artist Claudia Wood Rahm
Paintings at Oliver Wolcott Library

It was only recently that Claudia Wood Rahm resumed painting. For many years, among other adventures, she taught art and raised two daughters with her husband, Woody. They have lived in Warren for 43 years. Since retiring, she has found her way back to her easel and the sheer delight of mixing colors. To her the sense of freedom that comes with painting is exhilarating and the process is comfortable, fulfilling and fun. She finds a pure joy in her creative expression that was held back for many years due to the pressures of life. Her art opens her in a way that no other form of communication can.

Claudia’s paintings often grow as she works on them. Occasionally she just plays with color and an idea comes. She is influenced by children’s art, folk art, and the beauty of nature. She particularly loves painting organic shapes and the ocean.

The Bible is also a strong influence. When she paints dots on a canvas, she considers them joy molecules that enliven the piece. Intricate or elemental, her paintings reveal whimsical creatures and landscapes that celebrate her love of color, design, and story.

Raised in Westport, Claudia received a degree in Art Education in 1967. She never trained formally or under anyone famous. Maybe that is why her work is so free of pretension, so full of innocence and sometimes playful. Picasso said, “Every child is an artist; the problem is to remain an artist once the child grows up.”

Claudia has shown and sold her work in Litchfield County, along the Connecticut shoreline, as well as in Massachusetts and Maine.

Jamie Gagarin Community Room and Gallery
Oliver Wolcott Library
160 South Street


April 1 - 2, 2018
Local Legacy: Paintings by
Winsted Artist William Thomson

A collection of William Thomson’s paintings will be on view in the Learning Resource Center at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Connecticut native, and former longtime Winsted resident, William Thomson has been called a realist, neo-impressionist, satirist, and a painter’s painter. His prolific body of work is diverse in material as well and includes watercolor, acrylic, oil, encaustic, tempera, and casein. Art critics said of his earlier works that he painted in the tradition of artists Winslow Homer, Thomas Eakins and Andrew Wyeth. The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, and the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich have Thomsen pieces in their collection, as well as the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum and Williams College in Massachusetts, and Marietta College in Ohio.

Born during the depression in Bristol, Connecticut, Thomson attended the Meriden Trade School where he studied art under Ernst Lohrmann, a German émigré and master silversmith who encouraged Thomson to pursue his passion. After serving in the Korean War, Thomson returned to Connecticut and studied two years at the Paier College of Art in New Haven.

Thomson and his wife moved to Winsted in the late 1970s where he set up a studio in his home. To supplement his income, Thomson was a sign painter and advertising designer for local companies, but at age 55 he devoted himself exclusively to fine art until his death in 2014. The title of the current show borrows the opening line from his obituary: Art and Heart Defined by William Thomson.

Thomson’s continuous curiosity drove him to study both contemporary artists and great masters, as well as groundbreaking artists in photography and printmaking. He always pushed himself to try new techniques and his versatility could be seen in the many series he created. Today his legacy boasts a sizeable collection of work in a variety of materials and the current show at NCCC will reflect this variation.


Learning Resource Center
Northwestern Connecticut Community College
Park Place


April 1 - 25, 2018
Gala Narezo: Voice/Time
at the Tremaine Gallery 

The Tremaine Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit featuring the photographic work of Gala Narezo. The exhibit explores the role of voice in the creative process through a chronological selection of Narezo’s work over the last twenty years.

Gala Narezo is an artist and educator studying the intersection of art, social engagement and reflective practices. Her work explores ways to honor the self while considering interdependence with others and the world beyond.  She is a graduate of Yale University and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Narezo served as an NGO representative to the United Nations for Designmatters, an educational platform of Art Center College of Design with the mission to engage, empower, and lead an ongoing exploration of art and design as a positive force in society. The Tremaine Gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.


Tremaine Gallery at
The Hotchkiss School
11 Interlaken Road


April 5 – May 3, 2018
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Everybody should be afraid of Virginia Woolf. Her prose is haunting and elliptical. Yet no one should be afraid of Virginia Woolf. Her novels are luminous, airy, even breezy at times, a strangely elegiac look at the crack between the Victorian world she inherited and the modern world she helped create. The heart of her writing is the promise of a whole person behind the mundane details of life, the hope of coherence in the scattered impressions of a moment, a thing that fiction itself too often fails to find. She was a dyed-in-the-wool visionary and an accessible genius, somehow still mired in nineteen-century snobbery. Come join us in this literary seminar through a selection from her works as we discuss, think about, and come to know one of our literature’s greatest minds.

Mark Scarbrough is a former academic and currently writes cookbooks with his partner, Bruce Weinstein. This series is funded by the Friends of the Scoville Library.

April 5:      “The Years” chapters 1880-1911
April 12:    “The Years” chapters 1913-present day
April 19:    “Three Guineas”
April 26:    “To The Lighthouse” chapter 1
May 3:      “To The Lighthouse” chapters 2 & 3

Books will be available for borrowing at the Library on a rolling schedule.  Copies should be available beginning February 15; first come, first served. You may also request to borrow a copy at your local library.  New print copies of these titles are not readily available.

Thursdays, April 5 – May 3, 10 am -12 pm


Scoville Memorial Library
38 Main Street



April 1 – May 5, 2018
Eclectic and A Lot of Splash:
Big, Bold, Brilliant Abstracts
from Bruce Clark

The Gunn Library welcomes Spring with Big, Bold, Brilliant Abstracts from Bruce Clark. Without constraints or inhibitions, former history teacher Bruce Clark quietly spent more than 30 years creating large, nonobjective acrylic paintings. Many of those works will be on display for the first time.

Clark continues experimenting with new techniques and materials. His greatest passion is working with vibrant colors to produce a space that is unique to the viewer. “Classical artists often studied and emulated their predecessors,” he points out, “but were hesitant to develop their own style.”


Gunn Memorial Library
Stairwell Gallery
5 Wykeham Road
at the juncture of Route 47, opposite the Green


April 1 – 21, 2018
Aaron Siskind,
A Painter’s Photographer

The current exhibition at James Barron Art in Kent offers a rare opportunity to appreciate Siskind’s breakthrough photographs of, as the artist put it, “the detritus of our world which I am combing for meaning”. Moving away from illustration, Siskind embraced the seemingly insignificant markings of time, the random traces of removed broadsides, the vestiges of old graffiti, the tracks of a rubber tire. He extracted them from their urban origins, placing them within the grand arena of painting. The show also reveals a lesser-known dimension of mid-twentieth century modernism an era that is often understood as a monolithic and painting-centric.

Aaron Siskind, A Painter’s Photographer will be on view at James Barron Art through April 21. Gallery hours: Thursday and Friday 12 to 4, Saturday 12 to 5, and by appointment.


James Barron Art
17 Old Barn Road



April 1 – 7, 2018
Paper Rock Scissors

An exhibit featuring artists: May Babcock, Andrew Buck, Walter Kendra, Carole Kundstadt,  Leslie Landau, Joyce Miller, Ben Parker, Chris Perry, and Rashmi Talpade.


West and TDP Galleries
Five Points Gallery
A Contemporary Art Gallery
33 Main Street


April 1 – 7, 2018
Floating Walls and Tectonic Ziggurats
An exhibition featuring the work of Julie Pereira.


East Gallery
Five Points Gallery
A Contemporary Art Gallery
33 Main Street


April 2 – 30, 2018
20th Century American Literature
in 5 Short Stories Led by Scholar Mark Scarbrough

Gunn Memorial Library is pleased to welcome back literary scholar Mark Scarbrough as he leads a five-week session exploring the History of 20th Century American Literature in 5 Short Stories.

Join us as we discuss some of the dominant literary trends that have shaped last century’s literature in the United States like the rise and failure of modernism, the emergence of once-forgotten voices, and the baffling notion of post-modernism. In this lecture/discussions series, Mark will lead participants through five stories from the twentieth century, ranging from Willa Cather to Lorrie Moore, Zora Neale Hurston to William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor. Time will be spent with multi-media presentations of music, painting, and dance, based on these five representative selections.

Mark Scarbrough started his professional life as an academic and did his doctoral work at the University of Wisconsin Madison before accepting a job at Saint Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. He has given papers on Chaucer at the International Medieval Conference and on American literature at the MLA and regional MLA conferences. After several years teaching, he resigned and moved to New York to write. In New York, he met and married Bruce Weinstein. Together, they have written more than two dozen cookbooks, and have appeared on The Today Show, CBS This Morning and The View and selected as The Most Influential People of Litchfield County. Mark is enmeshed in literature and has been a popular book group and literary discussion leader across Southern New England. For more information on Mark visit bruceandmark.com

Mondays, 10am
April 2, 2018    Willa Cather, “Paul’s Case” (1905)
April 9, 2018     Zora Neale Hurston, “Sweat” (1926)
April 16, 2018     William Faulkner, “That Evening Sun” (1931)
April 23, 2018     Flannery O’Connor, “Good Country People” (1955)
April 30, 2018      Lorrie Moore, “People Like That Are
The Only People Here: Canonical Babbling In Peed Onk” (1997)

Register now to reserve your booklet
Suggested fee for the booklet is $10

Gunn Memorial Library
5 Wykeham Road


April 3 - April 15, 2018
Creative Affinity
Group Exhibition

Five Points Annex Gallery will open “Creative Affinity” A new show that will run from April 3rd, 2018 through April 15th, 2018. Creative Affinity showcases the work of four artists working in a variety of disciplines such as painting, encaustic, mixed media, sculpture, and drawing. Through unselfconscious mastery of craft, these four Litchfield County artists tap into the interior wellsprings of creativity which sustain and bind us all.

The artists featured in the Annex Gallery are Chuck Dmytriw, Gay Schempp, Elizabeth Wolff and Joe Yeno.

Five Points Annex Gallery will hold Gallery hours are 1 p.m.-5 p.m. every day throughout the duration of this show.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 6, 6 – 8:30 pm


Five Points Annex Gallery
17 Water Street



April 6 – May 26, 2018
Harrison “Whitey” Jenkins
New Artwork

Byrde + the b is pleased to announce an exhibit of Harrison “Whitey” Jenkins new artwork. The exhibit will run through May 26, 2018.

Jenkins has designed and fabricated over 200 wood sculptures over the past 20 years. Byrde + the b will be showcasing a carefully curated selection of Jenkin’s sculptures. Jenkin’s sculpture are fabricated in wood shaped as “eliptoids”. They are colorful, fun and engaging organic pieces. In addition, Jenkin’s recent photographs will be on display ranging from small to large scale formats. His photography is strictly taken using an Apple iPhone. Different themes have evolved over the past couple years from architectural abstracts, landscape abstracts, stark museum interiors, fallen leaves, and images taken of American roads and bridges all taken while speeding by in a car.

“Photography for me with the iPhone is quick and easy and allows me to document things of interest almost every second of the day. They are sometimes enlarged to 5 feet or larger showcasing a unique grain in the printing process that appeals to me like the surface of a painting. Texture and shadow are apparent in all my photos. It is this distinctive element of aesthetic appreciation that I take for granted in everyday life. The iPhone captures what I miss in the moment so I can rejoice in its full splendor later.”

Opening Reception: Friday, April 6, 5 – 7 pm


Byrde + the b
10 Titus Rd
Washington Depot



April 6, 2018
New Art Studio and Gallery
Opens In Torrington

A new contemporary and kinetic sculpture studio owned by Jen Abbott-Tillou will open with its first exhibition.

Friday, April 6, 5 – 8 pm


79 Main Street


April 7, 2018
The Gardener
Documentary Film

The Gardener is a visually stunning new documentary film. Written and directed by Sébastien Chabot, The Gardener is a reflection on the meaning of gardening and features influential gardener and horticulturist, the late Frank Cabot. In the film, Cabot, founder of the nonprofit The Garden Conservancy, recounts his personal quest for perfection at his twenty-acre English style garden – Les Quatre Vents (The Four Winds), aka Cabot Garden, located in the Charlevoix region near Quebec City. The film also features commentary by Cabot’s wife – Anne P. Cabot, his son – Colin Cabot, Penelope Hobhouse, Adrienne Clarkson, Jean Des Gagniers, Raynald Bergeron, Father Louis Genest CSV and Tim Richardson.

Frank Cabot, who died in 2011, just a year after being interviewed for the film, was an army veteran and a graduate of Harvard who described himself modestly as a “horticultural enthusiast.” Gardens Illustrated described him as:  “…part eccentric, part scholar; a thinker, a gatherer of ideas, a plantsman, and a patron… above all, as is essential to all great gardeners, he is a visionary.”

Frank Cabot’s grandmother left him the Malbaie property in 1965 after which time Cabot began to focus less on the investment and venture capital firm in which he was a partner and began spending more time between the garden at Malbaie and Stonecrop –  his garden at home in Cold Spring, NY which opened to the public in 1992.
Among his many awards and accolades, Cabot received the Garden Club of America’s 2006 Achievement Award for “the greatest horticultural accomplishment in America in the last half-century.”

Frank Cabot founded The Garden Conservancy in 1989 after a visit to Ruth Bancroft’s stunning dry garden in Walnut Creek, California. In 1988, Frank and his wife, Anne, visited Ruth’s garden and Ruth expressed concern about the future of her garden. Frank later reported, “…much to my great surprise, I remember actually shivering at the beauty of it. As we drove away, I said to my wife, ‘We have to find some way to help this woman.’ And she said, ‘Why don’t you start a garden conservancy?”

After the film, design legend Bunny Williams will introduce Gregory Long, CEO and The William C. Steere Sr. President of the New York Botanical Gardens, for a discussion and audience Q&A.

For three decades Bunny Williams Interior Design has built a legacy of superior design. Renowned for balancing refined beauty with welcoming livable appeal, the firm is widely recognized and championed as an industry leader. Rooted in long-lasting and valued relationships with clientele, Williams’ ability to mentor yet another generation of talented designers firmly establishes her firm as one of the most important voices in the evolving history of design. bunnywilliams.com/

Gregory Long was a colleague and friend of Frank Cabot. He will share his experiences and discuss Cabot’s legacy and the cultural and environmental importance of preserving our gardens and landscape and take questions from the audience.
View Trailer: thegardener-movie.com/trailer/

Saturday, April 7, 7 pm
After the film: A Discussion and Q&A
introduced by designer Bunny Williams with
Gregory Long, CEO & President of the
New York Botanical Gardens

Tickets: General $14 / Member $12

The Moviehouse
48 Main Street
Millerton, NY



April 7, 2018
Fe Fi Fo
At Twelve Moons Coffee House

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, Twelve Moons Coffee House is pleased to welcome Fe Fi Fo, with Jon Papa White, Ronnie Neuhauser, Fred Melillo, and James Moss, whose inspiring musical compositions and intelligent vocals address some of the most challenging issues of our time.  Described as condensed operas offering visions of life and the world around us, Jon White’s captivating storytelling and the band’s wide array of tonalities tap the audience on a deep emotional level. Fe Fi Fo’s music touches a wide age group, and as one audience member put it, they have ‘tapped into something primal’.

Saturday, April 7, 7 – 10 pm

Donation requested

Twelve Moons Coffee House
St. John’s Church (back door entrance)
12 Main Street


April 8, 2018
Annual Norman Dorsen Lecture:
A Republic, If You Can Keep It  

The Annual Norman Dorsen Lecture, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It,” will be presented by Susan N. Herman, president of the national American Civil Liberties Union. It is presented by The Cornwall Historical Society in honor of his memory as an inspirational law professor, president of the ACLU, and long-time active member of the NW Connecticut community, and on the importance of constitutional protections to everyone.

Sunday, April 8, 2 pm
Reception and refreshments to follow


Village Meetinghouse
8 Bolton Hill Road



April 8, 2018
The No Name Writing Group

Members of The No Name Writing Group, which has met in Washington for over 30 years, will perform samples of their work at The Hickory Stick Bookshop.

The No Name Writing Group meets once a month at The Hickory Stick Bookshop to share and critique each other’s work. Those reading at this performance include Washington’s Poet Laureate Davyne Verstandig, Alice Barstow, Jane Darby, Fee De Merrell, Nancy Glover, Karen LaFleur, Tom Lagasse, Amanda McGrew, Ira Morrison, Dimitri Rimsky, Emelie Samuelson, Kristen Skedgell, and Merima Trako. The group published an anthology last year titled This One Has No Name, which will be available for purchase at the reading.
You may reserve a signed copy of This One Has No Name by calling The Hickory Stick Bookshop.

Sunday, April 8, 2 pm
Refreshments will be served


Hickory Stick Bookshop
2 Green Hill Road
Washington Depot



Helen Cantrell, Three Women Gold Beach, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36", 2015
April 12 — May 19, 2018
Presence: Encounters with the Figure
at Five Points Gallery

Five Points Gallery will open “Presence: Encounters with the Figure,” a new show that will run from April 12, 2018, throughMay 19. Curated by Ann Finholt, this exhibition, includes paintings, drawings, and collage. Finholt has brought together seven artists who, as she puts it, “explore, deepen and  challenge the instinctive human connection to representations of the figure.” In their own distinctive vocabulary, the artists balance the tension between representation and abstraction. There is always the presence of a figure in these works, but actual resemblance plays a lesser role, sometimes as abstract as a remnant or a mere suggestion. The exhibition is sponsored by Northwest Community Bank.

The artists featured in the exhibit are Lexa Axon, Charles Cajori, Helen Cantrell, Barbara Grossman, Catherine Kehoe, Ken Kewley and Larry Morelli.

Gallery hours are Thursdays through Mondays, 1 p.m.-5 p.m., and by appointment. About the Gallery: Located in a historic downtown building, Five Points Gallery (FPG) is a nonprofit contemporary art gallery showcasing professional regional, national and international visual artists. The gallery presents exhibitions in three beautifully renovated exhibition spaces and has earned a reputation as one of Connecticut’s outstanding contemporary art venues. For more information about the gallery, please visit www.fivepointsgallery.org
Five Points is supported in part by the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 13, 6 – 8:30 pm

Artists’ Panel Discussion: Friday, May 4, 6 pm


Five Points Gallery
33 Main Street


April 12 – May 20, 2018
Artist April Crumrine
At The Smithy Loft

The Loft Gallery at The Smithy will host Washington artist, April Crumrine. April’s series of brightly colored abstract paintings will be on view from April 12 through May 20, 2018.
This free event is open to the community and gives guests an opportunity to meet the artist, chat with friends and fellow art enthusiasts, and enjoy light fare.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, April 14, 4 – 6 pm


The Loft Gallery
Second floor
The Smithy Store
10 Main Street
New Preston