Faces, places, treasures, and trends that caught our attention
With a new look, opened up walkways, beautiful landscaping and thriving shops, galleries, restaurants, and food purveyors, Kent Barns has become a village within the village.
Three years ago, the Baker brothers looked around at our  beautiful rolling hills and decided to bottle it. They call  themselves the Batchers of Litchfield Distillery.
The Myth of the Focal Point
David Dunlop seeks to stretch time, so that it is elastic enough to convey the process of seeing. His work can be viewed at The White Gallery in a new exhibition called The Electric City.
Coaching Corner

Dear Coach,
Everyone is talking about mindfulness and the beauty of the present moment, but I seem to be stuck in the past. It’s as if my brain has a broken rewind button, and wherever I am, whatever I am doing, mentally I am rehashing some old event. It could be something small (like when I wake up in the morning regretting my late night snack), or something more significant (like an ancient conversation with my father I wish I had handled differently). It’s like a cough that won’t go away, a persistent case of “if only I had known then what I know now…”

I know we all make mistakes, but what I can’t quite figure out is how to move past them. I don’t want to spend my whole life looking backwards, wallowing in the past. Any advice for how I can move forward?

Riddled with Regret 


Dear Riddled with Regret,
Regrets are a fact of life, a byproduct of being human. We all make poor choices sometimes, then lie awake at night wondering what might have been. From the investment we shouldn’t have made to the love we foolishly pushed away—fully lived lives necessarily include decisions we might later live to regret.