Faces, places, treasures, and trends that caught our attention
Amanda Glover is known all over Litchfield County for her amazing wedding cakes, cupcakes, sweet and savory baked goods, and her vintage Airstream Bakery, Sweetie.
With Artistic Director Christine Gevert at the helm, award-winning Crescendo brings innovative choral and instrumental performances—some rarely heard— to our community.
On view at the Tremaine Gallery at Hotchkiss School is Becoming: 30 Hotchkiss Artists featuring works by alumni that reflect the perpetual state of becoming.   
Coaching Corner

Dear Life Coach,
I have spent many years at the same company, and have worked my way up from the lowest rung to a senior role. My position is secure, my income is comfortable, my responsibilities are demanding-yet-manageable — but I feel utterly unfulfilled. In fact, if I am being truly honest, I feel both bored and tethered to a career that no longer interests me. Still, I have no real justification for leaving (there is no lifelong dream I am burning to pursue), and every reason to stay (a family to support!)

Most days I walk around wishing they would just fire me already. All I want is a way out. Can you help?

I Feel Trapped


Dear I Feel Trapped,
How I wish I had a dime for every person in America who feels exactly the way you do! Better yet, how I wish I could get you all into one place for a massive group hug. Because here is one thing I know for sure: You are in very, VERY good company.

Views & Vistas
Natural beauty, stunning landscapes by local artists
Featured Artist: Jack Rosenberg
Summer Tips
Sal Lopes, owner of Salvatore Anthony Hair
Studio in New Preston, has 5 simple summer
tips for your hair:
  1. Let your hair do what it does naturally. Try to blow dry your hair as little as possible. Your hair’s best friend this summer is leave-in conditioner. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair instantly repairs damage, detangles, and protects from breakage.
  2. When summer humidity sets in, tame the frizz with Aveda’s line of Smooth Infusion Products.
  3. Summer-proof your hair against sun, salt and chlorine damage with Aveda’s Sun Care products.
  1. Keep your hair wet before entering salt or chlorine water. You don’t want your hair acting like a sponge and absorbing chlorine.
  2. Use a scarf or hat to cover your head when you are out in the sun. This provides extra UV protection and helps your scalp retain moisture.