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Whether you are recovering from an injury, have just given birth, or are experiencing pain as you age, Danica Center’s Dr. Bente Dahl-Busby can help you feel and move better.
Jack Rosenberg curates a group show at The Silo Gallery featuring his own paintings and works by Judy Jackson, Ann Mallory, and Elizabeth Macdonald.
Currently on view at Andrea S. Keogh Art & Design are paintings by local artist Bob Knox that focus on his passion for paintings by the masters and his own pursuit of beauty.  
Coaching Corner

Dear Life Coach,
Do you have any advice on how to get back into the work force after being out of it for some time? I took 10 years off from my career to be home to raise our two children and now that they are in high school I would like to go back to work. As I look for a job in my field, I am finding that the skills needed are different than those I have because of new technologies that are now in place.
Outdated Mom


Dear Outdated Mom,
Please take a moment to congratulate yourself on beginning this process. I know from personal experience that the decision to return to work can be fraught with uncer- tainty and about as daunting as conquering Mt. Everest. I also know it can be done, beautifully and with great success. Before I answer your direct question, I wonder if you will indulge me in playing a little game? I call it…

Views & Vistas
Natural beauty, stunning landscapes by local artists
Featured Artist: Robert Lenz