Faces, places, treasures, and trends that caught our attention
At Shop Cathy b. in Woodbury, owner Cathy Boskoff melds the two worlds of New York and Connecticut fashion offering a great selection of women’s clothing and accessories.
On July 12 & 13, the 2019 Open House & Garden Tour in Litchfield celebrates the Town of Litchfield’s tercentennial. This year’s tour features 300 years of architecture.
Coaching Corner

Dear Readers,
Around this time last year, I got my first puppy. I was immediately smitten with my furry, little 10-pound bundle of cuteness, but I was also a bit thrown. And by “a bit thrown,” I mean completely rattled. Let’s just say, those early weeks were not exactly what I had expected.

At around the same time, I received a note from a reader seeking advice on how to navigate difficult life transitions. Lost in Transition found herself “struggling” and “jolted” by a series of recent changes.