Faces, places, treasures, and trends that caught our attention
Pat Werner weighs in on her upcoming retirement from Washington Montessori School as Head of School for 38 years, and shares her thoughts on a Montessori education.
Ellen Prindle has opened a gallery called The Hen’s Nest in Washington Depot featuring a wide array of art by local artists— from paintings and sculpture to furniture and jewelry.
Color Theory
Acclaimed poet and West Cornwall resident Sally Van Doren has transferred thought to image, transitioning from page to canvas in an exhibition at the Cornwall Public Library. 
Coaching Corner

Dear Coach,
I am not sure who ever said Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but in my experience, it just isn’t. Each year I go in feeling cheerful and optimistic, but that usually lasts about as long as the Thanksgiving leftovers. Between the frigid temperatures, the excessive spending, the endless slew of holiday parties and way-too-much family time, I usually crawl into January feeling exhausted and frazzled, broke and alarmingly soft around the middle.

Do you have any advice for surviving the holiday season — preferably without my stress level soaring, my bank account plummeting or my weight climbing to all new and terrifying heights?

Bracing for the Holidays


Dear Bracing for the Holidays,

I totally relate!

Last December, I found myself in a similar frame of mind. It was just a week after Thanksgiving, but already I felt the pressure building. The December calendar was chock full of celebratory, supposedly fun events, but my mood was dreary and my body felt dumpy. Already.

So I did what any self-respecting life coach would do. I devised a plan.