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Songwriter, guitarist, and producer are a few of the roles  that Roxbury resident Marc Wager Weisgal has mastered in the world of music and entertainment.
Norfolk resident Babs Perkins documents the stories of cheese makers, beekeepers, farmers, food producers, and cities through her powerful photographs and her insightful writing.
Coaching Corner

January tends to be a busy time of year in my business. After the distractions of the holidays—that season of excess and indulgence—everyone comes in looking to “get back on track.” I hear about new regimes and severe plans, everything from Juiceless January to spending freezes, new workout protocols and lots of swearing off of everything from carbohydrates to social media.

In short, resolutions are rampant.

People start off incredibly hopeful and energized, but somewhere in the midst of February, I start to hear a lot about “feeling like a slacker” and “slipping back into old routines.” Usually, it goes a little something like this…